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Gold Plated Silver Hoops "Kilanova"


Prekės ženklas: BJØRG
Kodas: 23050

Handcrafted chunky earhoops in fine 925 silver.The unique sculptural shape with melted gold texture makes these pieces stand out and shine wherever you go.

This design is inspired by the Kilonova, a cosmic explosion of neutron stars .
The 2017 observation offered evidence for the theory that such massive explosions in space are responsible for creating large amounts of heavy elements. All of the gold and platinum found on Earth was likely created by ancient kilonovas that resulted from neutron star collisions.
  • Composition: silver 925.
  • Measurements: pendant size 3cm
  • Chain lenght adjustable: 45/ 50/ 55cm
  • Weight: 15.1 g
  • Designer: BJØRG
  • Code: 23050


  • Comes in a beautiful BJØRG stamped box.
  • All pieces have been certified in accordance with the Lithuanian Hallmarking Requirements.
  • MIUTTO.COM is a registered member of Lithuanian Assay Office.


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